EFB Training & Operations Manual (Paperless Cockpit 91 Operator)

Program is for 1-10 Aircraft and $50.00 for each additional aircraft.

EFBs can be used in all phases of flight in lieu of paper when:

  • The EFB is the functional equivalent of the paper material
  • The EFB data is current and valid
  • The EFB app meets the AC 120-76D definition/limitations of a Type A (precomposed information) or Type B (interactive) application–see below
  • A backup data source is suggested, but is not required. Note that this backup can be another electronic device.
  • Users should undergo an evaluation period to make sure they know how to use the EFB before eliminating paper charts.

AC 120-76D, Guidelines for the Certification, Airworthiness and Operational Use of Electronic Flight Bags (EFB)

IMPORTANT: This advisory circular applies to all FAA Part 91F Large Aicraft (12,500 lbs Gross Weight or more and Turbine powered aircraft operations), and should still be referenced as guidance when using the EFB, MS Tablet, and iPad as a paper chart replacement. Pilots flying large, turbine multi-engine aircraft (FAA 14 CFR 91F) must adhere to the EFB testing and documentation requirements listed below, but DO NOT need FAA approval before using an EFB as the sole source of charts and aviation data in the cockpit.

Includes 1 Color Copy and the following content and documentation:

  • Letter of Request to FAA FSDO Office for OpSpec A061 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) (14 CFR 91K Part 135 Operators only)
    EFB Training Requirements
  • EFB Operational Policy & Procedures
  • FAA Required Testing Material & Answer Key
  • FAA Required Training Flight Crew Documentation
  • 14 CFR 91
  • Revisions are additional and as necessary
  • Digital PDC Copy for PC, EFB, Tablet, or IPAD with a 1 time setup fee per Client for electronic document Access on Cloud Server for Storage 24/7/365

1 Heavy Duty Custom Binder with High Quality Color Manual.


EFB Training & Operations Manual (Paperless Cockpit 91 Operator)
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