We also offer 14 CFR 135 Solutions that are not listed on this page based on the type and size of operation for Turbine Aircraft. Please contact us at 602-456-1777 or via email: sales@rvsmcompliance.com for a free consultation or visit our "Manuals" page via our website.

Our Terms and Conditions:

As long as the aircraft is certified and the flight crew is appropriately trained for the FAA / EASA LOAs authorizations that are requested, FAA/EASA Approval is guaranteed. 

SourceOne Aviation Compliance's receipt of an online application or a purchase order is an authorization to start work. 

Payments can be accepted via Chase Paymentech*, Paypal, wire transfer, & company check (A Paypal Account is not required to purchase). 

*Chase Paymentech is highly recommended for International Orders by selecting “Credit Card” as the payment selection. 

Operator understands the duration of the FAA/EASA approval process through the FAA/EASA depends on each FSDO/Regulatory Office's workload and should be verified by contacting their FAA/EASA office. 

The Operator understands that their designated FAA/EASA Responsible Person/Representative designated on this form must be the first point of contact for the FAA/EASA. 

Any technical questions or changes to the related program manual requested by the FAA/EASA can be directed to SourceOne Aviation Compliance until the LOA(s) or Opspecs are issued.


Refund Policy:

Refunds are prorated based on amount of labor and work performed on consulting, each program, and or application.  

After a purchase order is received, if a cancellation notification from the person that placed the purchase order is received in writing and within 24 hours, a full refund will be issued. 



SourceOne Aviation Compliance agrees to complete the RVSM Airspace Manual application package within two to three (2-3) business days of receipt of the completed application form and other required supporting maintenance documents pertaining to aircraft systems and the flight crew. Our RVSM Oceanic & International Operations Manual takes three to four (3-4) business days. Shipping next business day. General Company Operations Manuals initial drafts are processed within 2 or more business days depending on level of Customization. FAA MMEL Compliance Programs are 1 business day.